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Iowa Energy Center Grant Program

Iowa Energy Office


The Iowa Energy Center Grant program is funded by gas and electric utilities across the state of Iowa and is administered by the Iowa Economic Development Authority. This competitive grant program provides grants to eligible applicants for projects that provide a benefit to Iowa ratepayers. A ratepayer is defined as a customer who pays for an electric or natural gas utility service in the state of Iowa.  Projects must also aid in the implementation of one of the key focus areas of the Iowa Energy Plan:

  • Technology-based Energy Research and Development
  • Energy Workforce Development
  • Support for Rural and Underserved Areas
  • Biomass Conversion
  • Natural Gas Expansion in Underserved Areas
  • Electric Grid Modernization
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Carbon Management

Applicants must first complete a pre-application and be invited to complete a full application to be considered for funding. 

The Iowa Energy Center Grant Program’s administrative rules can be found in Iowa Administrative Code section 261.404. You may also request a copy of the administrative rules by sending an email to

  • Iowa businesses, colleges and universities, and private nonprofit agencies and foundations are eligible to apply. 
  • An eligible applicant may submit an application that includes one or more sub-recipients.
  • An eligible applicant may apply individually or jointly with another eligible or other eligible applicants.
  • A principal investigator will be allowed to submit one application per funding announcement.  An applicant who has applied as the principal investigator for a funding announcement may also be named as a co-investigator on additional applications submitted but may not be named as a principal investigator on additional applications.
  • An eligible applicant may apply jointly with ineligible applicants, but the applicant cannot act solely as a passthrough to the ineligible entity.
  • Applications are available and accepted through
  • Pre-applications open: February 23, 2023
  • Pre-application submission deadline: March 23, 2023
  • Amount of funding: $2 million
    • Minimum grant: $10,000
    • Maximum grant: $1,000,000
  • Award announcement date: August 10, 2023
For more information, contact:

Amber Buckingham