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Iowa Energy Plans & Reports

Iowa Energy Office

Iowa Energy Office Plans and Reports

Renewable Hydrogen in Iowa
Released in April 2022. This analysis was funded by the Iowa Energy Office and assess the renewable hydrogen possibilities in Iowa and the potential impacts on the economy and employment. Iowa's renewable and natural resources place the state in a unique position to be a part of a new national hydrogen market.

Iowa Anaerobic Digester Resource Guide
Released May 2021. The guide provides an overview of anaerobic digester (AD) project development and presents the technological, economic and regulatory considerations that affect the feasibility and success of AD projects in Iowa.

Energy Storage Report - Executive Summary  |  Full Report
Released December 2020. This executive summary and complete report provides an overview of the various energy storage technologies available, benefits and capabilities, how other states are utilizing this technology, and potential economic gains as energy storage is increasingly utilized within the state.

Energy Storage Action Plan
Released May 2019. The plan outlines the first step towards better understanding this new technology and is intended to be informational, educational and a kick-start conversation generator regarding how to best utilize energy storage in Iowa.

Biomass Conversion Action Plan
Released August 2018. The plan provides strategies for actions at the state, regional and national level to further the biomass industry in the state.

Advancing Iowa’s Electric Vehicle Market
Released July 2016. The IEDA commissioned a study on electric vehicle charging to assess the current electric vehicle (EV) market, forecast future market conditions and evaluate programs and policies that could potentially help the market meet these projections.

Iowa Energy Plan
Released December 2016. The Iowa Energy Plan was created to provide a clear path to ensure Iowans have access to affordable, reliable, clean energy, while recognizing energy’s strategic importance to Iowa’s economy. It solidifies Iowa’s place as a leader for energy initiatives.
  • Iowa Energy Plan Progress Report
    Released September 2018. In the first year-and-a-half since the Plan was introduced, Iowa stakeholders advanced numerous projects and initiatives in alignment with the Plan’s foundational pillars, key focus areas and objectives.
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Resource Guide
Released in 2015, the CHP Guide answers common regulatory questions raised by the industry and its partners when considering CHP projects.

Iowa Energy Center Annual Reports

IEDA is required to provide an annual IEC report to the General Assembly.

2022 Energy Center Annual Report
Released January 2023.

2021 Energy Center Annual Report
Released January 2022.

2020 Energy Center Annual Report
Released January 2021.

2019 Energy Center Annual Report
Released January 2020.

2018 Energy Center Annual Report
Released January 2019. In May 2017, Senate File 513 was signed into law, transferring the management and responsibility of the IEC from Iowa State University to Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA). The transfer became effective October 2017.

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