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Community Infrastructure

Iowa Communities

Help developing community infrastructure is available here. Whatever your mission, whether it’s developing community through housing and expanding opportunities, providing tax benefits to developers to provide housing in Iowa communities or sustainable land use, it’s available below. You can also learn more about grants.  

Community Development Block Grant Programs

Developing viable communities by providing decent housing and suitable living environments and expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low and moderate incomes.

Nonprofit Innovation Fund

The Nonprofit Innovation Fund is a $20 million investment to assist nonprofit organizations meet the increased demand for resources following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disaster Recovery

Federal monies are allocated to states during times of disaster.

Workforce Housing Tax Credit

Provides tax benefits to developers to provide housing in Iowa communities.

Disaster Workforce Housing Tax Credit

Tax credits for qualified housing projects in counties with a Presidential Disaster declaration.

Annexation, Discontinuance & Land Planning

The City Development Board reviews cities’ requests for boundary changes, approves and denies requests, and maintains records on city development actions.

Sustainable Land Use Planning

Helping communities make decisions supporting sustainable land use. 

Food insecurity Infrastructure Fund

Investing in food bank infrastructure to help more Iowans in need get access to fresh, nutritious food.

Employer Child Care Tax Credit

Encouraging businesses to invest in child care solutions.