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Endow Iowa

Revitalizing Communities

Helping Ensure Strong Community Foundations

Community foundations enhance the lives of people across Iowa and improve the economies of the communities they serve. This program helps those foundations attract donations.

  • Donors to a community foundation may receive a state tax credit equal to 25% of the gifts
  • The maximum tax credit is $100,000
  • Tax credits through this program can be claimed by individuals, businesses or financial institutions

The program is administered by the Iowa Economic Development Authority in cooperation with the Iowa Council of Foundations (ICOF).

IEDA can award up to $6 million dollars in tax credits through the program for each calendar year.

For 2023, IEDA has $13 million in Endow Iowa tax credits to award.

IEDA will accept applications as credits are available. IEDA will stop accepting applications once all available credits have been allocated. Applications will become available once credits are again available. Community foundations should cease accepting applications until they will be accepted by IEDA. Applications submitted more than 12 months after the date of donation will be denied.

County Endowment Fund
Through the County Endowment Fund, a percentage of the state's gaming tax revenue is distributed to community foundations in the 85 counties that do not hold a state issued gaming license. Those community foundation organizations grant 75 percent of those funds to charitable projects within their counties and placed the remaining 25 percent in a permanent endowment fund, which is intended to attract other donations and provide a source of permanent funding for charitable projects within the county.

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