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Requesting Public Records

Iowa Economic Development Authority

IEDA provides access to public records pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 22 [PDF].

Process for Requesting Records
Requests may be submitted by email to, by phone at 515.348.6163, by mail or in person. Media inquiries should be directed to or 515.348.6248.

In most cases, staff will confirm the request within five business days. Staff will attempt to fulfill records requests promptly; however, the timing of the release of records will depend on factors such as the scope of the request, the nature of the records requested and the availability of staff involved in fulfilling the request.

Expenses for fulfilling a request will be charged to the requester according to the following guidelines:

  • IEDA provides two free hours of staff time to search for records, evaluate potentially confidential information and assemble a request. Any time exceeding two hours is charged at $32 per hour. IEDA may charge a different hourly rate based on the actual hourly pay rate of staff required to fulfill the request. IEDA will provide notice of an anticipated change to the hourly rate.
  • Unless the request can be provided at no charge, an estimate of charges will be provided before fulfilling a request.
  • Payment for searches may be requested before staff begin working.