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National Disaster Resiliency - Iowa Watershed Approach

Disaster Recovery

Records Retention Requirements

This grant has been closed with HUD. All records will need to be retained by subrecipients, councils of government, vendors, etc. through at least September 27, 2026.

Reducing Flooding and Advancing Water Quality

This program utilizes a one-time source of funding to help Iowans work together to make our communities more resilient to flooding and help improve water quality. Focused on nine distinct watersheds, numerous public and private efforts are coordinated to develop project with wide-spread impact.

The program is supported by U.S. Housing and Urban Development dollars through a Disaster Resilience Grant. The goals of this program are to:

  • Reduce flood risk
  • Improve water quality
  • Increase resilience
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Improve quality of life and health
  • Develop a model program for other states

Performance Reports

Section 3 Guidance for CDBG-NDR:

  • Section 3 Overview [MS Word: 60k]
  • Section 3 Regulations (24 CFR Part 135) [PDF: 134k]
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Section 3 (from HUD Section 3 website) [PDF: 185k]
  • Steps for Section 3 Compliance [MS Word: 26k]
  • Appendix to Part 135: Examples of Procurement Procedures that Provide for Preference for Section 3 Business Concerns [PDF: 50k]
  • Section 3 Language for RFP/RFQ Advertisements and Bid Documents [MS Word: 27k]
  • Section 3 Clause (to be included in all CDBG-related contracts) [MS Word: 25k]
  • Intent to Comply with Section 3 Requirements form (to be included with all procurement materials) [MS Word: 46k]
  • Appendix to Part 135: Examples of Efforts to Award Contract to Section 3 Business Concerns [PDF: 46k]
  • Section 3 Business Certification Form [MS Word:26k]
  • Appendix to Part 135:  Examples of Efforts to Offer Training and Employment Opportunities to Section 3 Residents [PDF: 48k]
  • Sample Section 3 Employment Notice [MS Word: 23k]
  • Section 3 New Hire Compliance Report Form [MS Word: 55k]
  • Sample Format for Section 3 Employee Interview Form [MS Word: 24k]

Watershed project sites include:
  • Bee Branch Creek in Dubuque
  • Upper Iowa River
  • Upper Wapsipinicon River
  • Middle Cedar River
  • Clear Creek
  • English River
  • North Raccoon River
  • West Nishnabotna River
  • East Nishnabotna River
More information on the Iowa Watershed Approach project can be found at the following links:
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