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An Emerging Leader

The University of Iowa has made the Iowa City metro area a center for medical breakthroughs. Its FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility is the largest of its kind and makes drugs for research and commercial sale. Hundreds of millions of dollars in medical research happen every year in the Iowa City area. A robust incubator infrastructure and support from state programs help faculty transfer their research into profitable enterprises. Spend five minutes with an entrepreneur at the University of Iowa Research Park — you’ll be amazed at what’s happening in Iowa.


state in size of average venture capital deal

State Science & Technology Institute

largest university-affiliated FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility

University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals

concentration of employees in vaccine and immunotherapy biological manufacturing in the U.S.

BLS, 2022

Drugs and Pharmaceutical Employment Gains and Losses (2012–2014)

Source: Biotechnology Innovation Organization, 2016

The State of Iowa Supports R&D

Iowa offers a Research Activities Tax Credit for research & development investments.

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